Matt Johnson

Visiting Master Carver,
Art of Carving Session I

A native of Andice, Texas, Matthew Johnson has over 25 years’ experience in the craft and business of stone carving. He is the owner and principal designer and carver of Bartlett Stone Company.In 1991 while at Southwestern University, he apprenticed with Bob Ragan, a master stone carver based in Florence, Texas. During the course of his training, Matthew learned the intricacies of designing, cutting, and carving stone architectural elements, using a combination of both modern and ancient tools and techniques. In 2004, he formed Bartlett Stone Company, named to honor his great-grandfather, a businessman from the early 20th century who earned a reputation for providing each individual client with hands-on, attentive service. This family tradition of giving priority to the customer’s needs and expectations is one that Bartlett Stone Company is dedicated to maintaining.