Letter Carving

Date: June 12 - 17, 2022
Instructor/s: Janey Westin

Janey Westin- Sun, June 12 – Fri, June 17
Ages 14 and up

Make your written message beautiful! Learn the fun and useful skill of carving letters with a flat chisel and mallet. We’ll cover letterforms, layout and design; and what works well for three-dimensional stone. First-time letter carvers learn the basic V-cut. Repeat letter carvers can work on additional lettering challenges.

Limestone, roughly 16” x 16” x 3”; loan of a flat chisel and mallet, tracing medium.

Students bring:
#2 Pencils, eraser, sharpener, 18”-24” ruler, pad of lighter-weight bond paper- minimum 16” dimension, scissors, painters or masking tape, 1”-3” wide brushes to clean off stone, a piece of 80- 100 grit sandpaper, one dark color crayon, one or two bright colored pencils such as Prismacolor. Safety glasses and closed-toe shoes are required.

Students may bring their own flat chisels and mallet if desired, or pre-purchase from The Compleat Sculptor, or John Neal Books (a calligraphers’ supplier). Please contact instructor before purchasing.

Janey Westin

Janey has been carving letters since 1985, beginning as a professional calligrapher. See Janey’s bio ›