The Art of Carving I & II

Art of Carving I: June 5-11, 2022
Art of Carving II: June 12-18, 2022
Instructor/s: Ned Cunningham
$895 per session

Each full session consists of seven days of immersive instruction in the art of carving limestone, including design, moving stone, splitting blocks, roughing out, using hand and pneumatic tools, and much more. Different instructors are featured each session. An introduction to using basic tools, roughing out, and working from a maquette or drawing is given on the first day. The week continues with techniques for carving and basic principles of sculpting. Instruction is geared toward each participant’s skills, needs and level of proficiency. Tools are not provided.

Included in each session: Up to 8 cubic feet of limestone per session (approximately 1,200 pounds), compressed air, electricity, water, forklift, snacks, beverages, official Symposium t-shirt.

Regular price includes one extra work-on-your-own day (a value of $65.00)

Ned Cunningham

Ned Cunningham is a Mastercarver and retired lead carver at Bybee Mill for the last 20 years. See Ned’s bio ›